Expert assistance by a 20+ year IBM midrange veteran and experienced team. System administration, application development, performance analysis and tuning, system sizing, capacity analysis, OS upgrades, hardware upgrades, project management, WebSphere, MQ, RPG, Java, SQL, DB2, security, Web Query, JTOpen, .NET integration, and much more. Mobile application development. Cross-planform application design and troubleshooting. Cisco, Microsoft, Linux, AIX, zOS, and more.


IBM i standard and custom course development and delivery. Hundreds of topics available. Contact me for customized course outlines, sample videos, and more. Web-delivered classes or on-site. System Operations, System Administration, Security, Performance, Programming, Client/Server, Websphere, Web Query, DB2 SQL, and much more.


Specializing in complex multi-platform networks and applications. IBM i performance analysis, tuning, capacity analysis, and system sizing. Application performance analysis and remediation, including CL, RPG, COBOL, C, Rexx, Java, and SQL. Journaling performance. CPU, I/O, and memory utilization analysis. Database performance monitoring and remediation. DB2 index analysis, plan cache analysis, database design for performance. Client/server application performance investigation and remediation. LAN/WAN/VPN/Mobile network performance analysis and troubleshooting: Cisco, Juniper, HP, Dell, SonicWall. Microsoft, Linux, and AIX performance analysis and remediation. VOIP performance analysis and troubleshooting.